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There are many common issues that pharmacy staff run into when trying to fill prescriptions that may delay your trip to the pharmacy, or even force you to come back for a second trip. At the Boggio Family of Pharmacies, we want to make your trip as quick and simple as possible. Here is a list of tips and tricks!


  1. Keep the pharmacy updated on all of your personal information. Often times a prescription that has been sent to us from a doctors office cannot be filled because we are missing information. For example, if we receive a prescription for “John Doe” we may have several patients with that name on file and if your patient record is not up to date, we may not be able to fill the prescription until you come into the store. All personal information is kept completely confidential and will never be shared. Some important pieces of information to keep up to date at the pharmacy include:

◦      Phone numbers, including mobile or work numbers that are appropriate to contact you at

◦      Address, especially when items are requested to be delivered

◦      Allergies and medical conditions. This will ensure that the pharmacists can properly evaluate the appropriateness of any new or existing medications.

◦      Drug coverage information. Did you receive a new insurance card from your employer? Confirming that this information is up to date can save yourself time when you come to pick up your medications.

  1. Always check if your prescription has repeats before you completely run out of medication. It may take us several days to hear back from doctors offices for repeats, especially if the office is closed, or if you come in on a weekend. Knowing how many repeats you have on a medication, and ensuring that the pharmacy has additional repeats on file before you run out can save you time and frustration. Under the pharmacists discretion certain chronic medications can be extended for short durations, but they must still attempt to contact the doctor for a prescription before they can do this. Narcotics, controlled substances and targeted substances cannot be extended under any circumstance due to the nature of this medication. For these medications, it is extremely important to be aware of how many repeats you have on file.
  2. Know if your medication has a dispensing interval. Some medications (not limited to but often narcotics and controlled substances fit into this category) are prescribed by the doctor with an interval between the dates that the medication can be filled. For example, if the doctor asks for the medication to be filled with a 30 day interval, the pharmacy has an obligation to dispense that medication every 30 days. You can save yourself a lot of headache by knowing what day your prescription is ok to be filled. Some private and government drug plans have intervals as well. Each plan can be a little bit different so ask one of our dispensary team members how this may affect you.


By using these tips and tricks, we feel that you should experience a much smoother trip to the pharmacy. As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or stop by one of our four Boggio Family of Pharmacies locations today!


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