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Mobility scooters offer the ability to travel great distances that are not usually within walking distance. They can help you move around your home, neighbourhood and inside stores. However they can be dangerous if not used safely.
Follow these tips before you head out so you can get safely from home to your destination.

Read the instruction manual upon purchase so you know the safety features and controls on your new scooter. Read the tips that are given for navigating bumps, curves and uneven ground. Some heavy duty scooters are designed for rough terrain. Learning to drive your scooter in a safe area such as a parking lot or driveway is always recommended to learn how your scooter manoeuvers in all weather. Having confidence will make it a safer experience for you and others around you.

Some basic scooter tips include:
• Use sidewalks whenever possible. If no sidewalks exist, travel on the far left side of the road facing traffic.
• Cross at pedestrian crosswalks. Check for traffic before crossing.
• Make “eye contact “with motorists or pedestrians before crossing to make sure they are stopping.
• Obey all traffic control signs and devices.
• Slow down when travelling around pedestrians and avoid travelling too closely.
• Keep to the right on sidewalks and avoid honking your horn.
• Drive your scooter straight at a ramp. Most scooters have anti tip wheels to keep them from tipping when doing angled manoeuvres.
• Your scooter should have a safety flag, reflectors and lights in the front and back so you can be seen at all times.
• Wearing a reflective safety vest is also a good idea and is essential if you have to travel at night.
• Carry a cell phone and have your emergency contact information taped onto your scooter so it is easy to find.

For more information on scooters please visit or call one of our four Boggio Family of Pharmacies Home Health Care locations. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you with any questions you might have in purchasing your new scooter this season.



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