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For the past couple of years there has been a service available at your local pharmacy that you may not be aware of.  If you are on three or more prescription medications you may make an appointment with your pharmacist to discuss your medication.  The pharmacist can clarify for you what your medication is for, when, and how to take it, and if there are any interactions between your medications and supplements. At the end of the appointment you receive a list of your current medications that you can bring with you to another health care provider, or to the hospital.

This service is free with a valid health card.  It can be difficult managing multiple medications and the MedsCheck program is an excellent service that can answer all your medication questions.

Until recently patients had to attend the pharmacy in person to be eligible for this service. Ontarioresidents are now eligible for the MedsCheck at Home program.  Patients can call their local pharmacy and request a pharmacist to visit their home.  This program is typically for elderly patients not able to attend the pharmacy in person.  In addition the pharmacist conducts an assessment summary that includes a medicine cabinet clean-up during the visit. The pharmacist can assess patient’s at home meds and ensure proper disposal of unused and/or expired medication.

If you are concerned about how well a parent, or patient you are caring for is managing their medications, with their permission, you may request this service for them.  Patients who may benefit from the program include:

  • Those who are confused or worried about their medications and may forget to take them.
  • People who are using blister packaging, or need additional support due to a change in medications.
  • People who have been recently discharged from hospital.
  • Those who are seeing a large number of health care professionals.
  • Those experiencing literacy or language difficulties.
  • Patients having dexterity problems, impaired sight, or dementia.
  • Patients who may be at risk for medication problems due to their age or social circumstances.

A third program recently made available is The MedsCheck Program for Ontarians living with Diabetes.  This program is an annual medication review by a community pharmacist for diabetic patients that includes training on the use and disposal of diabetic supplies; education and advice on medication adjustments, and discussion on the impact of lifestyle changes.

Patients who may benefit from the program include anyone living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  This MedsCheck will be conducted in the pharmacy with a pharmacist after scheduling an appropriate appointment time.

These MedsCheck services provide an excellent opportunity for patients to resolve any medication issues.  As well, the pharmacist can help patients access other services in the community such as the local Community Care Access Centre, Diabetes education Centres, and different support groups.  In addition patient’s physicians will be made aware of the assessment and may follow up with patients regarding any outstanding issues.

If you are interested in any of these services for yourself, or someone you know please contact Boggio Pharmacy at (905)834-3514 or Boggio and Edwards Pharmacy at (905)894-2200.